Terrace heater

With the Gumax® terrace heater underneath your Gumax® veranda, you create a comfortable living space without having to build a permanent extension to your house. The different settings to adjust the heat level make it easy to get the desired temperature and let you enjoy a comfortable heated terrace any time you want.

The Gumax® terrace heater is a compact system that is easy to mount on the wall with the accompanying adjustable clamps. The hanging terrace heater takes up a lot less space than a free-standing heater. As you don't lose valuable floor space, the Gumax® terrace heater is ideal to heat small terraces as well as large ones. 

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Maximum heat retention

Combine your Gumax® terrace heater with our Gumax® glass sliding doors for maximum heat retention underneath your veranda. Gumax® glass sliding doors minimise the amount of wind passing through. Together with the Gumax® terrace heater, you can create an enclosed space and get the best result when you wish to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature. The Gumax® terrace heater is recommended to heat an enclosed space up to 20 m2.


Efficient choice

With 3200 watt, the infra-red Gumax® terrace heater can heat quite a large space. Infra-red heat radiation offers an equal heat emission within the space as it heats objects instead of the air. This makes the Gumax® terrace heater a highly efficient solution, whether considering the energy consumption or the costs. The Gumax® terrace heater doesn't provide a red glow so it will not become a source of light as well. And thanks to its minimalistic, aluminium casing, the Gumax® terrace heater fits in elegantly in every interior. 
Gumax veranda, sliding doors and sunshading


Operating options

With the included wireless remote control, you can easily switch between the different heat output settings ranging between 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% without having to leave your comfortable sofa. On a cool summer night, a low output can already offer sufficient heat to sit outside the entire evening. With the remote control, you can also set a timer for automatically turning off the heater. That way, your Gumax® terrace heater will not burn unnecessarily when you have left the veranda. Enjoy a heated terrace in comfort and style with the Gumax® terrace heater and other Gumax® accessories.

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