Gumax® Heater

Gumax® Heater

The 3200 watt Gumax® heater is the energy efficient heater on infrared basis without a red glow that heats your patio within 10 minutes. The included remote control allows you to switch between the powers of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, and it’s optional to switch on automatic shutdown. When using the heater at a power of 100%, the electricity costs will be only € 0.72 per hour.

A 3200 watt Gumax® heater is advised to heat an enclosed space up to 20 m2. The place of the installation and the surrounding temperature will affect the perceived warmth of the heater. The heater operates with an infrared radiant heat, which heats objects and not the air itself. Therefore, the infrared heater will achieve the best results in areas that are closed on at least three sides. If there is any wind on the objects receiving the radiant heat, the heat will evaporate instantly. The heater has minimal impact in open and windy areas. The effect of the heater will remain the same, but the surroundings will affect the perceived temperature.


22 January 2015